What was a miner's job like?

Design and build supporting entry routes for transport to and from mines. Operate explosives to break up large clusters of minerals and rocks. A miner is a person who extracts ore, coal, chalk, clay or other minerals from the earth through mining. The term is used in two senses.

In its narrower sense, a miner is someone who works at the rock face; cutting, blasting or working and extracting the rock. In a broader sense, a miner is anyone who works in a mine, not just a worker at the rock face. As a miner, you won't have much job security either. If you still want to become a miner, you should find out in detail about the salary, career prospects, future, duties, work-life balance, training requirements and job satisfaction of miners.

We have researched companies that employ miners and found out how many opportunities they offer and the average salary. As mining work can be physically demanding, many older miners have to leave their jobs due to health problems sooner or later. Meanwhile, many coal miners also have previous professional experience in roles such as miner or lorry driver. You will learn something of the history of the role of minerals in society, and the tension between the growing demand for minerals and an ever-changing global context.

Underground miners risk their lives to extract valuable minerals and transport them to the Earth's surface. Underground miners work a few hours more per week than surface miners because of the time spent going to and from the surface of the mine. Especially in old age, miners' bodies are no longer fit for this heavy work and many older miners will be out of work because of this. Underground miners spend most of the daylight hours working in a dark, wet, cold and noisy world to bring us minerals such as coal, silver, nickel, platinum, copper, diamond, gypsum, salt or zinc.

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